Thursday, May 20, 2010

Irish Tears

Horrible morning. We had to be packed and ready to go by 7:15am. After what we called our last night in Ireland, it was not the most ideal situation.

Hopped on the bus for a short ride over to the village of Adare. Jan calls Adare the cutest little town in Ireland. It was very sweet and pleasant. I mostly stayed near the visitors center during our visit there only because we only had 20min to explore.

Our next stop = Cliffs of Moher.

Now I quote this site as being the most gorgeous part of Ireland. See the picture above to understand what I am talking about. I brought the equipment to the cliffs with me to film my stand up for my web project. Nicole helped me out and I think it turned out pretty well. There was a sign that said that you can not go past a certain point because it was not fenced off. Everyone did it, so we did too! I love the Cliffs, absolutely stunning.

After the Cliffs we headed to our last hotel of the trip in Limerick.

At 4:30 we met up again to head off for our last group dinner. I had been very excited about this dinner because it was a medieval banquet. Aaron, Nicole and me made a rule that we would not use the silverware or whip our hands once. It worked! It was especially hard with the dessert but we managed. It was very staged and musical like. We drank mead! So authentic.

Waking up early tomorrow to fly back.

I will miss you Ireland and I know I will see you again.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Killarney Dreaming

I started the day sleepy. No morning dramas, just lack of sleep.

I didn't really get a good night sleep for many reasons
  1. We got in REALLY late last night. My card did not work so I had to take extra time out to visit the reception desk for a new one. Awful
  2. I was worried about filming for my web project
  3. I was worried that I would not meet up with my friends tomorrow and would not be able to go horseback riding with them.
See how bad stress is! Eventually like I knew it would everything worked out!

I woke up fairly early, saw Nicole and we worked out some details regarding our potential adventure to find a place that does horseback riding. Caiti and I did an interview with our tour guide Joe. It was a nice interview.

DOWNFALL about today: when Nicole called about going horseback riding the guide recommended only 4 of us go. We had a group of 7 wanting to go. :( So being the adults that we are some backed down and left us with a group of 4, consisting of Andy, Nicole, Bethany and myself.

We had a taxi come and pick us up at 1:00 p.m. for our 1:30 p.m. appointment at Muckross Stables. It was a cute house with many sheep in the front yard. The man (who I can't remember his name) set all of us up in riding gear. My horses name was Davey and he was a wild one. It was different to ride this horse, you have to ride it European instead of Western. I made the mistake of the telling the guide that I only rode a horse once before during a guiding tour just like this one. So because I said that my horse was leashed to his horse. GREAT! Ha, no it was fun and beautiful scenery. The hour long guide took us through Killarney National Park. The guide loved his horses and taught us a lot about how to ride them up and down the hills.

When we got back it was time for us to get together with an editor from the news publication The Kerryman. Due to the dim lighting and comfortable seating it became hard to hear him. What was awesome though was that after his lecture with us he let me interview him about my project. Nicole helped me out and even asked a great question!

I'm still skeptical about my web project. I have many good interviews but not enough b-roll I think. Only time will tell.

I got some more souvenir shopping done, you all better love me.

It was technically our last night to get to out because tomorrow night we need enough sleep for our long voyage home on Friday. So a bunch of us went out to a pub/nightclub. It was a great time. I am really going to miss everyone here.

I love Ireland.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!

So long Cobh, you are absolutely beautiful and I love you.

On that note you may know that we left Cobh today and headed down south to Killarney. What is known to be an hour and a half drive took us nearly 6 hours. The bus ride started off great with some awesome country songs. Shout out to my mom during
The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers. Than someone had the brilliant idea to play a CD Andy got at the radio station yesterday, so no more country. I was sad.

Our first hop off the bus landed me in a "Bog" Museum. What is a bog you may ask?! I think a pony. What the museum consisted of was fake houses with that time periods artifacts. Pretty cool. The pony's were adorable, and some of us were lucky enough to see them in...."love." Hmmmmmmm that was nice to see. Next to the museum was the Red Fox Inn which apparently had the best Irish Coffee in all Ireland. I did not have any. There's a good reason though...I was shopping : ) All of you should be prepared for some awesome pressy's.

The gloomy, rainy and foggy day led us to a bus tour! Perfect weather eh?! We visited the supposedly most beautiful place in Ireland known as the Ring of Kerry. All we saw was fog. Sounds disappointing but it was actually pretty funny. We always seem to make the best of every situation. Why not you’re in Ireland?!

Today was my day to cover one of our activities. The weather was awful but the demonstration was amazing. What demonstration may you ask?! Well a sheep dog demonstration. So cool! Keep your eyes peeled when our Ireland website finishes for the coverage. Shout out to my Aunt Annie (aka ajhein57) for her love of shelties. Thought of you the whole time! Finally I found a reason why Garnet’s barking was necessary.

A random part of today was when we were all told to hop off the bus, go into a pub and order a Guinness. The point of this turned out to be that we were than to go across the street and toast a Charlie Chaplin statue. It was cold and an interesting bus ride after the midday Guinness.

We stayed overnight in the Hotel International in Killarney. Killarney is a quaint and small town, filled with many boutiques, restaurants, and cobblestone roads. For dinner we ate at the “world famous” Danny Mann’s Restaurant. It was a great atmosphere. A live band called The Irish Weavers performed after dinner. So authentic! Great night. ☺

They also played Danny Boy, which really meant a lot to me.

Tomorrow is a free day in Killarney…who knows what kind of trouble I may be getting into ;)


Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?!?!


Our place here in Cobh is absolutely beautiful. It makes me happy : )


The day started off with a trip to REDFM, which is a trendy/hip radio station in Ireland. As soon as we walked in the door you got the same vibe you hear on the radio inside the actual station. One main lady helped by bringing people in to talk with us. We talked to the sales, programming, and production directors. Oddly enough radio is done in a format that the U.S. should definitely take on. They actually still make money AND still keep people interested! One very interesting fact that actually has to do with my web project is that on the radio they are not allowed to promote drinking or even talk about it in anyway. So for example if they were broadcasting outside of a night club they wouldn't be allowed to say come in for $2 draft night yaddayadda. We do that religiously in the States, but not seen here. Interesting stuff.

Next trip = Blarney Castle...and you know what that means!!!

When we arrived at Blarney Castle immediately Nicole and myself ate. I had this awesome egg-salad sandwich. Besides the point...on to the juicy stuff. The grounds of the Castle were stunning. Everything was so green and there were cows! We explore the underground dungeons a little but than decided we need to find what we were really after...the stone! Seriously, we were on a mission. It felt like we were climbing the Statue of Liberty to get to the top of the Castle. The steps were worn thin from people walking and soo narrow. At last! We arrived at the stone. My nerves preceded me and I was having my doubts. But I kissed it! I feel more intelligent and can speak more eloquently already.

I thought it would have been more magical. I expected to have a moment there with the stone. Instead I just had a moment with death and it was awful. I have never been more terrified to be dangled off of a Castle before. Hmm have I done that before?

After touring the grounds a tad more and than doing some shopping (for only you 3 readers of course though) we hopped back on the bus for a night of relaxation...consisting of exploring downtown Cobh.

I think I laughed more this night than I ever have. I love my Ireland friends <3


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cobh on the Cob

Bonjour Cobh (spoken as Cove)!

This morning we arrived at our lovely Bed and Breakfast at a seaside resort in Cobh. On our journey hear we saw what the Irish country side actually looked like. I had been so used to Dublin and the 'city life' that it was different seeing all the green that Ireland is known for. All the green was beautiful and quite overwhelming. There is hills and mountains that you can see in the distance that just add to the beauty of Ireland.

Also we drove past sheep and cows!!!!!

We stopped on our way to Cobh to a place called Wicklow Mountain National Park. Wicklow is an old monastery. Many grave-sites are still seen there, some dating back to late 1700's. Some buildings were still intact and it was amazing to hear their tales of what they were used for. St. Kevin was the one who the church and monastery's were named after and for. Joe, our new tour guide/leader gave a great tour and went into many details about the various archeology left.

Sheep were also right behind a fence by the tombstones.

Once we arrived at our beautiful abode we had a chance to settle in and than a Titanic tour was in store for us. Now, before I get to the tour let me tell you about this apartment. HUGE! Flat screen TV, leather sofas, 8 person dining room table, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge showers...basically I'm living the life and am purposely rubbing it in to make you all jealous.

Our Titanic tour guides name was, Michael Martin, and he actually wrote numerous amounts of books regarding the Titanic and Ireland's history with it. The tour was beautiful. We walked all around the city and learned about more than just the Titanic. My favorite part of the tour was when we were standing right at a statue made in honor of those that helped with the ship Lusitania, which was a ship that sunk not far off the coast from where we are. It had 2 exhausted looking fishermen at the bottom of the statue, with an angel on top. Very powerful statue. The fishermen are there because of their valiant efforts to help in saving those that were in the water.

We than had a family dinner at the chinese restaurant inside our cozy bed and breakfast.

Tomorrow = a special kiss kiss with a little you know what ; )


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dublin Tears

FREE DAY!!!!!!!!!

I woke up around 10ish to get ready for a day of working on my project with Caiti. Once we got all ready we walked around to a couple pubs to ask if we could film there and get some interviews. After that didn't really work because they were either really busy, short staffed or not even open we decided to just get the equipment and shoot some b-roll and maybe a man on the street interview.

Well I guess you could call our first encounter an interview....or a strip tease. As we were setting up the tripod and camera a man decided to take his belt off (provocatively) and than off his shirt went. He threw his shirt at the camera and I asked him politely to please stop and the camera was not even recording. He continued and it was embarrassing. OH PEOPLE!

Overall we got some great shots and our 'homebase' pub O'Sheas let us film inside and we got a great interview with a manager. I guess I should tell all you lovely readers my project. I am focusing on Irish drinking policies and how the perception of Ireland is wrong when it comes to drinking. Caiti's is comparing Pittsburgh Irish pubs and their atmosphere to the ones here. We all have some insight on that one ;)

Later in the day we were going to go to the Guinness factory but not everyone in our small group was back so a couple of us went with Aaron to see his local friends and some went to eat. David and me followed Aaron and hung out for a bit. I had to be back by 6:30 to see a comedy show with some others. BUT when we got to the theater they needed to see ID just for regulation purposes, but one person in our group didn't have one so we could not go.

Since it was our last night in Dublin everyone went out.

I still love Ireland always and forever.


Friday, May 14, 2010

I Left My Whistle in Belfast

Before I get to today’s very interesting day I will describe last night:

A couple of us went to karaoke at a pub near by named The Legal Eagle for only a few drinks. The first song we sang was Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. Nicole and me were Andy’s back up singers…but he pretty much stole the show. A couple other songs were sung. Fun and relaxing night indeed.


We all needed to be downstairs in the lobby and ready to head to Belfast by 6:30am. Cheers for no drama in the morning! We were all ready and downstairs on time. As a group we all walked to Connolly Station to catch a train to Belfast. The train ride was a nice and smooth one. I slept for most of it while Caiti had a photoshoot with me. Check out her Facebook page to see what I am talking about. Once we arrived in Belfast, which if you don’t know is apart of the UK. We were greeted by cloudy skies and a motor coach.

Belfast Highlights:

  • Saw the Ireland’s largest Celtic cross
  • Murals line mostly every house side. The murals say things regarding war, peace, memories of people, etc. My favorite quote from one is, “Prepare for peace. Ready for war.” The amount of time, thought, and effort that people must have put into making them is immense. It is hard to believe that the people of Belfast walk past them every day and are consistently reminded of their history.
  • Catholic vs. Protestants: in previous years Belfast has had a civil war between the Catholics and Protestant people. Our tour guide said that within the last 10 years or so the trouble has calmed down greatly. To me, I could still sense the remains of a diverse community. Megan, on our trip, used the word ‘stained’ to describe how she saw the city.
  • We hiked up to the parliament building inside Belfast. It was an amazing building, high up on a hill with lots of green surrounding it. Against the blue sky it was very pretty. An interesting fact our tour guide told us about the building is that during World War II since the building was white they needed to camouflage it. What they did was cover the building in poop. Hmmmm….I guess that is a good tactic.
  • For lunch we visited the place where the Titanic was built. One of the stacks that held the ship up during the construction weighs 4 tons. You should see how many there were lining the bottom of the building site. That must have been one heavy boat.
  • Director of Digital Development at the Belfast Telegraph, Gerry Patterson, met with us for a quick lecture. His lecture was probably one of my favorites of the trip this far. He spoke with us about his job and also was very open about his personal experiences between the Catholic and Protestant feuds.

For dinner we all went to The Morning Star. It was so good. Our table split 2 bottles of wine and had a great time. Very filling.

On the walk to The Morning Star I whistled! I was so shocked because I normally can’t whistle a tune! The whole stroll to the restaurant (which was a hike) I was whistling. So happy. I can’t change my pitch yet, but practice will help.

A couple of us headed up to the pub we went to the first night and met up with a few others in the group there. We than went to the ‘touristy’ area for pubs called Temple Bar and all bonded and had a great time!

Me and Alvi shared a moment when I came in at night. It was sweet. Love you Kristina I am so happy you came on this trip!!!!


Ireland keeps me happy


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dublin Day #5ish

Pens lost.

Last night we were able to find a bar, here in Dublin, that played the game in the Temple Bar area. We were not the only ones there rooting for NHL. A group of Canadians were there as well. We all made friends and it was a great night.

This morning was a late start. Our first appointment, which was our last lecture with Dr. Roderick Flynn, was held at DCU. Today he spoke about Irish Media On the Internet. Jeremy and I were in charge of covering the lecture, and it was very interesting to hear that Ireland’s media isn’t at the speed of Internet as we have in America. I was under the impression that around the world everyone was going as fast with Internet as we were. Social networking is a big deal over here. A problem they are having is that it is so fast that people can’t keep up with the news. For example one broadcaster was joked about dying because he never came into work over twitter, just to be revealed, over twitter as well, that he had died. The public knew before his family. Imagine seeing that your father died over Twitter. Crazy stuff. Overall Dr. Flynn was very informative and I enjoyed the lecture. Keep your eye out for the trip’s website to see video highlights from it.

After the lecture we hopped back on the bus and saw Vlad’s smiling face. We moved over to PhotoCall a photography studio. It was very interesting. They showed us pictures of their work as well as explained how they work. Cool thing: One of their employee’s is from Texas! Really cool man. We also got mouse pads! Fun Stuff.

Off to karaoke. I’ll sing one for you all.


Way To Go Dan the Man

Today = Amazing

Let me just start off by saying thank you to Jan Getz for all of her work and determination to get us into the U.S. Embassy and meet Ambassador Rooney. Thank you Jan! I am so appreciative for all of these experiences you and the other teachers have been giving us. In the past four days I know all of us students have had a chance to make memories that we will never forget and it is because of you guys. Thanks!

Now on to the details of the day…

Surprise! No morning dramas!!!

A little background information first:

During this past semester, in one of our first classes, we had a phone interview with an Irish Times reporter named Rosita Boland. We were able to have a few questions answered but the connection was so bad that unfortunately we had to hang up. Arrangements were made for us to meet up with her once we arrived in Ireland.

…And today was the day!! We all traveled down the street to a sweet little café, where we met Rosita Boland. While sipping coffee or tea and biting into scrumptious crumpets Rosita answered some questions that we had. One thing that greatly surprised me was when she advised not to work for free. It just made me think of my last internship and I did it for no credit or money, just experience. Boggles me why she said that. A lot of the answers that she gave I couldn’t hear because the café was being used by everyone and was loud. One thing she mentioned during her phone interview and in person is that one thing a journalist should always possess is curiosity. I think that this message is so meaningful. I had never thought of it in that light, and now I can’t stop. I really like it…curiosity.


Well only for a couple of hours. We went to the U.S. Embassy and had to go through a couple of security measures to make sure we were okay to go inside. Once inside we met a woman named Margo who worked with Jan to make this opportunity possible. It was fun to see pictures of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton lining the walls that led us into the Embassy. We were seated in an open circular room that held both the American and Irish flags. Karen Mullen, the Director of Public Affairs and John Murphy, the Press Assistant spoke with us for a little because Ambassador Rooney got an unexpected phone call from Irish President Mary McAleese. Karen and John talked about their daily jobs as well as what has been going on with Ambassador Rooney lately. He was just in Belfast yesterday at an energy conference. He really believes in renewable energy and is helping Ireland in becoming one of the leaders in this global growth.

When Ambassador Rooney entered we all stood and I’m pretty sure everyone in the room had a smile on their face. The first thing he said when he came in was, “You all look like Pittsburghers,” and later on he looked at all of us and said, “Seeing you all here makes me feel at home.” What a sweet man! He also gave Maggie and Jan pins. When we got together for a picture Caiti was right next to him and he told her she was lovely. How adorable! Very charming man. Although our time with him was cut a tad short, to even have his attention for that time was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When he left, a couple others and me were in charge of presenting him with gifts for him and his wife. I was the first one up so I had to talk. Man did I mumble. Wow, I was so nervous, but I said what I needed to and hopefully he understood! He was very appreciative.


John Murphy stayed and talked with us for a bit about his past and current job. He graduated from DCU (Dublin City University) and his first job was working with a radio station. He moved to the Embassy and worked there for a little while but than left to go back into radio. After flip flopping between the Embassy and radio he decided to go back to the Embassy but said only for 5 years, he doesn’t want to be there forever. What surprised me the most is that he is only 23 years old and works for the Ambassador. Crazy! 23 years old. Man I feel like I need to get a move on. John’s job consists of him taking pictures, maintaining the website, and working as a press mediator. He spoke with us for a while discussing any questions that we had. Great man. Great Job.


We met up Vlad outside the Embassy to head over to DCU for a lecture. I decided that DCU is my least favorite trip. So many speed bumps and Vlad has trouble going over them. If you want to be carsick…go to DCU. We got there with a couple hours to spare, so we all headed to their cafeteria and got some food. Afterwards a small group of us went to travel around the campus. It was a very nice place. A lot of courtyards and green space on their campus…unlike our urban campus.

*To explain that picture on the top: We saw ivy growing on a wall and thought it looked like the United States, so we wanted to take a picture by it. Photo shoot! We than formed our girl band, name to be announced later.

When it turned time for us to go to the lecture we walked into a student building and into a nice conference room. The topic of today’s lecture was Irish TV Drama a Society and its Stories. So basically it was all about soaps and how controversial they were. It was surprisingly a very interesting lecture. I never realized, even in America, how soaps have made an impact on our society.

Let me reiterate….



Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Dayz

Well another morning episode happened...this time it turned bloody. This morning we were supposed to be up and ready in the lobby by 8:00am, unfortunately no ones alarm went off and we awoke at 7:45. We were rushing around and in that time Caiti got a bloody nose and we only had one sheet of toilet paper. It was a crazy crazy morning, but we made it to our lecture with Gerry Davis.

Gerry was the Chief Executive for the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. His lecture was very informative regarding the set up and use of public relations in Ireland. One thing that was very surprising was that there are only public relation firms in Dublin. The whole rest of the country doesn't really need it because it's all countryside. Weird.

After our nice visit with Gerry we headed over to Ogilvy & Mather, which is an advertising agency in Dublin. As soon as I walked in the door you could tell the mood and style of the agency. There were colors, high ceilings, groovy furniture, and flowers everywhere. Loved it! We spoke with Jo, a young woman who worked there. She showed us their reel and it was 11 minutes long. I was shocked. A standard reel time is under 6 minutes. 11 minutes to sit and watch is a long time. I've noticed that here things go slower and nothing is as rushed as it is in America. I kinda like it.

Today it rained...a lot, but we got some down time and we toured around. I went to the Irish version of target and bought a very cute dress with black bows on it. :) The night ended at a pub near our apartment called O'Sheas. A live band played and let us sing! They were so nice!! The last song everyone got up to do a traditional dance. It was a blast.


I love hearing about public relations and advertising, it is such an interesting field of work.

I mingled with locals and learned how to dance...which I will teach you all.

Oh and I sat on my sunglasses today too.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Day Dublin

The morning started out with a bang…literally. As me and Caiti were getting ready this morning, of course we were chatting and being silly, and all of a sudden we hear a pop and smoke is than coming out of the adapter. We were freaking out and screaming. To end this mini story we put the adapter on the balcony to cool down and no one has tried it since.

First thing on the agenda today was to attend a lecture at Dublin City University, and that was a bumpy ride to say the least. Our coach driver Vlad, who by the way rocks the best mullet in town, had troubles over the speed bumps that did not agree with most people’s stomachs. Once we arrived we were sent to a conference room to hear a lecture given by Dr. Roderick Flynn, aka Rody. It was so interesting to hear how media is handled over here. I honestly thought there would not be many differences but my mind was blown.

  • Interesting fact #1 – Papers are not delivered to your home
  • Interesting fact #2 – Playboy was legalized in 1998
  • Interesting fact #3 – Newspapers are on the web, but it is not as resourceful as it is in the States. Very hard to navigate around as well
  • Interesting fact #4- If you have a TV not only do you still need to buy cable but also a license for each TV that you have in your house. For one TV it is 150 euro’s yearly. If you get up to 3 it is 500 euro’s
  • Interesting fact #5 – The movie Natural Born Killers was banned in Ireland and caused many controversies when attempted to play on cable. A British network aired it on Irish TV and since the government could not do anything about a British network it was okay, and now the movie can be bought in stores and seen on the TV.

Overall the lecture today was extremely informative and we will be seeing Rody on Thursday to hear a lecture of the impact of Internet in the Irish media.

After a quick rest and relaxation we all headed on to a Green Bus tour. Kind of like a red double-decker you would see in London…but green…ironic? After seeing many historical places and hearing stories, some of us decided to stop off at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was so beautiful. There is something so relaxing and meditating when you step into an old Cathedral. After observing all the tombs and tributes to soldiers I went into a peaceful side of the church, where you had an opportunity for reflection. I lit a candle and kneeled there in prayer. St. Patrick’s Cathedral will definitely be a highlight of this trip.

Tonight we were soooo fortunate to get to see a LIVE taping of an Irish television show named, The Frontline. The Frontline is a show concerning the political affairs in Ireland. It offers people a chance to say their opinions and have debates with people in the political offices. The show is a very audience interactive show. What was even more awesome was that the 3 broadcasting students, Jeremy, Caiti, and myself had the chance to interview people in the audience before the taping. We asked them questions about the show, their standpoints, and how it directly affects those in Ireland.

Before the show began they showed 3 short documentaries concerning tonight’s topic of economy, housing, and smart jobs. When the show went LIVE it got intense, very fast. Well maybe it was just the cute Irish boys sitting next me that got my heart beating. : ) On a production note many things are the same during a broadcast in Ireland as it is in the United States. Some differences:

  • - no in studio clock – the host only got a 3 minute warning before he needed to break
  • - only 2 commercial breaks in an hour long show
  • - the boom was in the shot the entire time!

I love seeing TV productions.

Busy day tomorrow…I’ll leave you 3 readers in suspense


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hopped off the plane at DublinX

Top of the morning to ya!

Greetings Ireland Point Park has arrived!

After a long flight and numerous attempts at positioning myself for sleep we made it. No volcanic ashes can rain on our parade. Once we "hopped" off the plane the group headed towards a motor coach which took us into Dublin. Also our lovely tour guide, Rachel, was waiting for us! On the way is when you really got to see what Ireland has to offer, green pastures, driving on the other side of the road, and loads of other things. What we did today:

Grafton Street - A beautiful cobblestone strip of shops, street performers, and pubs. When we got to Grafton Street it was around noon and we split up into small groups for about an hour to get food and tour a little ourselves. Caiti, Jeremy, Alvi, Nicole and myself headed to a pub! (When in Ireland, right?!) And sat right down and ordered a pint of Guinness, and it is the most delicious beer. I also ordered the Regular Irish Breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, and toast.

Book of Kells - Once everyone had there time away than it was time to walk over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. What an interesting piece of history. It is said that only 3 months of the year do they actually turn the pages of the Book of Kells. There was also an amazing library upstairs of Trinity College. Everything is so old and authentic!

Dublin Castle - When you hear the term Castle, us Americans think of pointy towers, stone walls and all of that medieval stuff. Well Dublin Castle is not that, and it is not that because it is still actually being used by the government today. My favorite thing about the castle was that it still had furniture in it from the 1800s, and they also had huge lamps! Why lamps need to be so big...I will never know.

Apartment - After snoozing on the bus for a little, I awoke to be in front of a cute little building with balcony's all around. We all get keys to an apartment and get roughly 2 and a half hours to relax and maybe pick up some groceries. Hmmm my apartment, who consists of Ryan, Caiti, and Alvi, had other plans. We get to our room only to be greeted by a foreign cleaning service telling us to get out. So we sit on your cold concrete balcony for about an hour until we can go back in. So much for resting! It's all good though because our room is amazing. A huge common area, with a full kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. LOVELY!

Brazen Head Pub - This pub is said to be the oldest in all of Dublin. When we were greeted at the entrance we walked past old drunken Irish men singing sweet songs of Ireland. Oh it was so amazing to see that. The food here is not least from what I had which was leek and potato soup, pork, and bread pudding...oh and of course another Guinness. The pub itself was fairly reinvated from what I saw. The only thing that looked like it could have been from over 800 years was the old stone entrance.

That is all of my journey so far!

One thing I neglected to mention is the toilet flushes different here. No swirling pattern, but it actually sprays from 2 places inside the bowl and than goes down. Pretty awesome stuff.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Goodbye U.S.

Tomorrow we will be leaving for the big green...(Ireland). I just picked up the camera and tripods at SPS, so the video equipment is all set up. I am pretty nervous, but my main concern is the ash cloud hovering over Europe from the Iceland volcanic explosion. Dublin Airport has been cleared and is taking flights in and out of the country.

That is all I have for now, tonight I will be packing and dreaming of the Irish air :)