Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cobh on the Cob

Bonjour Cobh (spoken as Cove)!

This morning we arrived at our lovely Bed and Breakfast at a seaside resort in Cobh. On our journey hear we saw what the Irish country side actually looked like. I had been so used to Dublin and the 'city life' that it was different seeing all the green that Ireland is known for. All the green was beautiful and quite overwhelming. There is hills and mountains that you can see in the distance that just add to the beauty of Ireland.

Also we drove past sheep and cows!!!!!

We stopped on our way to Cobh to a place called Wicklow Mountain National Park. Wicklow is an old monastery. Many grave-sites are still seen there, some dating back to late 1700's. Some buildings were still intact and it was amazing to hear their tales of what they were used for. St. Kevin was the one who the church and monastery's were named after and for. Joe, our new tour guide/leader gave a great tour and went into many details about the various archeology left.

Sheep were also right behind a fence by the tombstones.

Once we arrived at our beautiful abode we had a chance to settle in and than a Titanic tour was in store for us. Now, before I get to the tour let me tell you about this apartment. HUGE! Flat screen TV, leather sofas, 8 person dining room table, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge showers...basically I'm living the life and am purposely rubbing it in to make you all jealous.

Our Titanic tour guides name was, Michael Martin, and he actually wrote numerous amounts of books regarding the Titanic and Ireland's history with it. The tour was beautiful. We walked all around the city and learned about more than just the Titanic. My favorite part of the tour was when we were standing right at a statue made in honor of those that helped with the ship Lusitania, which was a ship that sunk not far off the coast from where we are. It had 2 exhausted looking fishermen at the bottom of the statue, with an angel on top. Very powerful statue. The fishermen are there because of their valiant efforts to help in saving those that were in the water.

We than had a family dinner at the chinese restaurant inside our cozy bed and breakfast.

Tomorrow = a special kiss kiss with a little you know what ; )


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  1. Hey Mickster,

    What about the wonderful Irish ghost stories? Graveyards, 1700's, flat screen TV's...sounds like the stuff of legend! Do you here bumps in the night?

    Are you clinging to Hershey?!

    Are there any Haney's in Cobh?

    How close are you to Loch Ness?

    Will you be giving me any kiss kiss with a little you know what ;) or is that a Josh thing?

    LOL, Annamae Jean