Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?!?!


Our place here in Cobh is absolutely beautiful. It makes me happy : )


The day started off with a trip to REDFM, which is a trendy/hip radio station in Ireland. As soon as we walked in the door you got the same vibe you hear on the radio inside the actual station. One main lady helped by bringing people in to talk with us. We talked to the sales, programming, and production directors. Oddly enough radio is done in a format that the U.S. should definitely take on. They actually still make money AND still keep people interested! One very interesting fact that actually has to do with my web project is that on the radio they are not allowed to promote drinking or even talk about it in anyway. So for example if they were broadcasting outside of a night club they wouldn't be allowed to say come in for $2 draft night yaddayadda. We do that religiously in the States, but not seen here. Interesting stuff.

Next trip = Blarney Castle...and you know what that means!!!

When we arrived at Blarney Castle immediately Nicole and myself ate. I had this awesome egg-salad sandwich. Besides the point...on to the juicy stuff. The grounds of the Castle were stunning. Everything was so green and there were cows! We explore the underground dungeons a little but than decided we need to find what we were really after...the stone! Seriously, we were on a mission. It felt like we were climbing the Statue of Liberty to get to the top of the Castle. The steps were worn thin from people walking and soo narrow. At last! We arrived at the stone. My nerves preceded me and I was having my doubts. But I kissed it! I feel more intelligent and can speak more eloquently already.

I thought it would have been more magical. I expected to have a moment there with the stone. Instead I just had a moment with death and it was awful. I have never been more terrified to be dangled off of a Castle before. Hmm have I done that before?

After touring the grounds a tad more and than doing some shopping (for only you 3 readers of course though) we hopped back on the bus for a night of relaxation...consisting of exploring downtown Cobh.

I think I laughed more this night than I ever have. I love my Ireland friends <3



  1. Dear Michele,
    Well, thank the Good Lord that the Blarney Stone obligation is out of the way! I have been praying with Mother Angelica on the EWTN channel for the past week about that possible back flip you might do out that upper castle room window. I also said extra Hail Mary’s that the germs you would get from that darkened public kiss area could be fought off by your American immune system; my concern was that with your lack of sleep and morning dramas you were in a highly vulnerable state. Whooo…
    My backyard flowers are blooming at about 60%. I am having Dieruff friends come over tomorrow, Thursday May 20th, for an after school get together because blooming flowers do not last too bloomin’ long! I installed my rain barrel this weekend and I have a lot more chores to do in the garden…mulching, planting, weeding, poopy scooping and cutting grass. Definite progress is being made nonetheless.
    Miss you, love you, hugs & kisses! AA

  2. Hey Mick! I'm so glad you hit that landmark - its something to knock off your bucket list. Very cool :-) That radio station sounds pretty sweet too. Let me know if you hear of any cool local Irish bands that I can check out. You know what I like ;-)