Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dublin Day #5ish

Pens lost.

Last night we were able to find a bar, here in Dublin, that played the game in the Temple Bar area. We were not the only ones there rooting for NHL. A group of Canadians were there as well. We all made friends and it was a great night.

This morning was a late start. Our first appointment, which was our last lecture with Dr. Roderick Flynn, was held at DCU. Today he spoke about Irish Media On the Internet. Jeremy and I were in charge of covering the lecture, and it was very interesting to hear that Ireland’s media isn’t at the speed of Internet as we have in America. I was under the impression that around the world everyone was going as fast with Internet as we were. Social networking is a big deal over here. A problem they are having is that it is so fast that people can’t keep up with the news. For example one broadcaster was joked about dying because he never came into work over twitter, just to be revealed, over twitter as well, that he had died. The public knew before his family. Imagine seeing that your father died over Twitter. Crazy stuff. Overall Dr. Flynn was very informative and I enjoyed the lecture. Keep your eye out for the trip’s website to see video highlights from it.

After the lecture we hopped back on the bus and saw Vlad’s smiling face. We moved over to PhotoCall a photography studio. It was very interesting. They showed us pictures of their work as well as explained how they work. Cool thing: One of their employee’s is from Texas! Really cool man. We also got mouse pads! Fun Stuff.

Off to karaoke. I’ll sing one for you all.


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  1. Hi Micky!
    I am getting a little confused at keeping up with the dates on these blogs...Anyway, here and now it is 10:43PM on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

    I spent the day in Reading helping to celebrate Jimmy 's graduation from Alvernia. After Alyssa it's are the last one!!!!

    The Phillies are 22 and 13! So far so good for them.

    Since you said you were covering this lecture will you be getting published in the Pitt Gazette too?

    Don't forget to get your rest...AFTER you set the alarm!
    LOL, AA