Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dublin Tears

FREE DAY!!!!!!!!!

I woke up around 10ish to get ready for a day of working on my project with Caiti. Once we got all ready we walked around to a couple pubs to ask if we could film there and get some interviews. After that didn't really work because they were either really busy, short staffed or not even open we decided to just get the equipment and shoot some b-roll and maybe a man on the street interview.

Well I guess you could call our first encounter an interview....or a strip tease. As we were setting up the tripod and camera a man decided to take his belt off (provocatively) and than off his shirt went. He threw his shirt at the camera and I asked him politely to please stop and the camera was not even recording. He continued and it was embarrassing. OH PEOPLE!

Overall we got some great shots and our 'homebase' pub O'Sheas let us film inside and we got a great interview with a manager. I guess I should tell all you lovely readers my project. I am focusing on Irish drinking policies and how the perception of Ireland is wrong when it comes to drinking. Caiti's is comparing Pittsburgh Irish pubs and their atmosphere to the ones here. We all have some insight on that one ;)

Later in the day we were going to go to the Guinness factory but not everyone in our small group was back so a couple of us went with Aaron to see his local friends and some went to eat. David and me followed Aaron and hung out for a bit. I had to be back by 6:30 to see a comedy show with some others. BUT when we got to the theater they needed to see ID just for regulation purposes, but one person in our group didn't have one so we could not go.

Since it was our last night in Dublin everyone went out.

I still love Ireland always and forever.



  1. Dearest Micky,
    As I was just reading this I was thinking...."What's with all these pubs?" Then you said, "I am focusing on Irish drinking policies and how the perception of Ireland is wrong when it comes to drinking." Then I thought... "Oh, what a NOBLE cause..." Then I thought..."I wonder what the groceries stores are like." Then I thought..."What are the periodic tables like? Do they have little shamrocks in the corners?" Then I thought, I miss you SO SO SO much, but I am SO SO SO glad you are living your life to the fullest and have found a career you are passionate about." Then of course, I thought..."Is she ever going to reply to her comment area?"

    10:24PM EST Sunday, May 16th, 2010

  2. Hey you! Sorry my video chat cut out yesterday, my comp died. I felt bad. I love your posts! Keep it up, and add more pictures!! 5 days left, live it up! Make some memories (those that you CAN and CAN'T post on the blog) ;-)