Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hopped off the plane at DublinX

Top of the morning to ya!

Greetings Ireland Point Park has arrived!

After a long flight and numerous attempts at positioning myself for sleep we made it. No volcanic ashes can rain on our parade. Once we "hopped" off the plane the group headed towards a motor coach which took us into Dublin. Also our lovely tour guide, Rachel, was waiting for us! On the way is when you really got to see what Ireland has to offer, green pastures, driving on the other side of the road, and loads of other things. What we did today:

Grafton Street - A beautiful cobblestone strip of shops, street performers, and pubs. When we got to Grafton Street it was around noon and we split up into small groups for about an hour to get food and tour a little ourselves. Caiti, Jeremy, Alvi, Nicole and myself headed to a pub! (When in Ireland, right?!) And sat right down and ordered a pint of Guinness, and it is the most delicious beer. I also ordered the Regular Irish Breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, and toast.

Book of Kells - Once everyone had there time away than it was time to walk over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. What an interesting piece of history. It is said that only 3 months of the year do they actually turn the pages of the Book of Kells. There was also an amazing library upstairs of Trinity College. Everything is so old and authentic!

Dublin Castle - When you hear the term Castle, us Americans think of pointy towers, stone walls and all of that medieval stuff. Well Dublin Castle is not that, and it is not that because it is still actually being used by the government today. My favorite thing about the castle was that it still had furniture in it from the 1800s, and they also had huge lamps! Why lamps need to be so big...I will never know.

Apartment - After snoozing on the bus for a little, I awoke to be in front of a cute little building with balcony's all around. We all get keys to an apartment and get roughly 2 and a half hours to relax and maybe pick up some groceries. Hmmm my apartment, who consists of Ryan, Caiti, and Alvi, had other plans. We get to our room only to be greeted by a foreign cleaning service telling us to get out. So we sit on your cold concrete balcony for about an hour until we can go back in. So much for resting! It's all good though because our room is amazing. A huge common area, with a full kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. LOVELY!

Brazen Head Pub - This pub is said to be the oldest in all of Dublin. When we were greeted at the entrance we walked past old drunken Irish men singing sweet songs of Ireland. Oh it was so amazing to see that. The food here is not least from what I had which was leek and potato soup, pork, and bread pudding...oh and of course another Guinness. The pub itself was fairly reinvated from what I saw. The only thing that looked like it could have been from over 800 years was the old stone entrance.

That is all of my journey so far!

One thing I neglected to mention is the toilet flushes different here. No swirling pattern, but it actually sprays from 2 places inside the bowl and than goes down. Pretty awesome stuff.


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  1. Oh Micky!!
    Did any of the locals look like your daddy? Ask around where the Haney clan lives in Ireland!! AND, ask where the O'Leary clan lives...Oh yeah, and ask where the McGuilacutty's live..."The McGuilacutty's are here!, the McGuilacutty's are here!, the McGuilacutty's- the McGuilacutty's, the McGuilacutty's are here!!!!!
    (Literary you or your friends know it?).

    So, how about an Irish Periodic Table?????!!! Is it different than China's or America's?! Get one--show JamieLee up!

    Oh, what fun!!!! LOL, AA