Friday, May 14, 2010

I Left My Whistle in Belfast

Before I get to today’s very interesting day I will describe last night:

A couple of us went to karaoke at a pub near by named The Legal Eagle for only a few drinks. The first song we sang was Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. Nicole and me were Andy’s back up singers…but he pretty much stole the show. A couple other songs were sung. Fun and relaxing night indeed.


We all needed to be downstairs in the lobby and ready to head to Belfast by 6:30am. Cheers for no drama in the morning! We were all ready and downstairs on time. As a group we all walked to Connolly Station to catch a train to Belfast. The train ride was a nice and smooth one. I slept for most of it while Caiti had a photoshoot with me. Check out her Facebook page to see what I am talking about. Once we arrived in Belfast, which if you don’t know is apart of the UK. We were greeted by cloudy skies and a motor coach.

Belfast Highlights:

  • Saw the Ireland’s largest Celtic cross
  • Murals line mostly every house side. The murals say things regarding war, peace, memories of people, etc. My favorite quote from one is, “Prepare for peace. Ready for war.” The amount of time, thought, and effort that people must have put into making them is immense. It is hard to believe that the people of Belfast walk past them every day and are consistently reminded of their history.
  • Catholic vs. Protestants: in previous years Belfast has had a civil war between the Catholics and Protestant people. Our tour guide said that within the last 10 years or so the trouble has calmed down greatly. To me, I could still sense the remains of a diverse community. Megan, on our trip, used the word ‘stained’ to describe how she saw the city.
  • We hiked up to the parliament building inside Belfast. It was an amazing building, high up on a hill with lots of green surrounding it. Against the blue sky it was very pretty. An interesting fact our tour guide told us about the building is that during World War II since the building was white they needed to camouflage it. What they did was cover the building in poop. Hmmmm….I guess that is a good tactic.
  • For lunch we visited the place where the Titanic was built. One of the stacks that held the ship up during the construction weighs 4 tons. You should see how many there were lining the bottom of the building site. That must have been one heavy boat.
  • Director of Digital Development at the Belfast Telegraph, Gerry Patterson, met with us for a quick lecture. His lecture was probably one of my favorites of the trip this far. He spoke with us about his job and also was very open about his personal experiences between the Catholic and Protestant feuds.

For dinner we all went to The Morning Star. It was so good. Our table split 2 bottles of wine and had a great time. Very filling.

On the walk to The Morning Star I whistled! I was so shocked because I normally can’t whistle a tune! The whole stroll to the restaurant (which was a hike) I was whistling. So happy. I can’t change my pitch yet, but practice will help.

A couple of us headed up to the pub we went to the first night and met up with a few others in the group there. We than went to the ‘touristy’ area for pubs called Temple Bar and all bonded and had a great time!

Me and Alvi shared a moment when I came in at night. It was sweet. Love you Kristina I am so happy you came on this trip!!!!


Ireland keeps me happy


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  1. Dear Micky!

    I think it is interesting that you suddenly enjoy whistling! Your Grammy Hein LOVED to whistle. When I was a little girl (before school age), I would love to hear her whistling while she did the house chores. Especially when she was doing the laundry.

    Also, you are learning about the civil war in Ireland based in religion! Did they say anything about the two housewives that went door to door one day asking everyone, “Does anyone want peace?” They filled the streets with a spontaneous march for peace and in so doing started a movement and won the Nobel Peace Prize!

    I hope you have a lot of info on the Titanic!!!! It is one of my favorite subjects…the science and technical part of the story. Do you know that while I was in Nova Scotia I visited the graveyards of the Titanic victims? I also have a book autographed by Dr. Robert Ballard, the lead scientist that lead the expedition of the Titanic resting place.
    LOL, Dr. AA