Thursday, May 20, 2010

Irish Tears

Horrible morning. We had to be packed and ready to go by 7:15am. After what we called our last night in Ireland, it was not the most ideal situation.

Hopped on the bus for a short ride over to the village of Adare. Jan calls Adare the cutest little town in Ireland. It was very sweet and pleasant. I mostly stayed near the visitors center during our visit there only because we only had 20min to explore.

Our next stop = Cliffs of Moher.

Now I quote this site as being the most gorgeous part of Ireland. See the picture above to understand what I am talking about. I brought the equipment to the cliffs with me to film my stand up for my web project. Nicole helped me out and I think it turned out pretty well. There was a sign that said that you can not go past a certain point because it was not fenced off. Everyone did it, so we did too! I love the Cliffs, absolutely stunning.

After the Cliffs we headed to our last hotel of the trip in Limerick.

At 4:30 we met up again to head off for our last group dinner. I had been very excited about this dinner because it was a medieval banquet. Aaron, Nicole and me made a rule that we would not use the silverware or whip our hands once. It worked! It was especially hard with the dessert but we managed. It was very staged and musical like. We drank mead! So authentic.

Waking up early tomorrow to fly back.

I will miss you Ireland and I know I will see you again.



  1. Have a safe trip home!
    I will write more on Friday evening.
    LOL & Kisses,

  2. Friday, 6PM EST
    Whou! When I saw that there was a comment, I thought, Rats! Foiled again by the Up and Coming JLH! But, YEA!!! It was me!! So you get an encore!
    Your pictures on the NOW FAMOUS MickBlog have been a glorious foreshadowing of what I am looking forward to when you are ready to invite me to your family debriefing party. So…
    Lots of pub visits, cliffs, castles, kissing upside down to prove bravery and courage against black encrusted germs, firefighting and clock setting memory deficiency syndrome, Chaplin cheers and ONE PROUD AUNT!!
    Have a safe trip back… Please avoid volcanic ash.
    LOL & Kisses, Dr. AA