Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!

So long Cobh, you are absolutely beautiful and I love you.

On that note you may know that we left Cobh today and headed down south to Killarney. What is known to be an hour and a half drive took us nearly 6 hours. The bus ride started off great with some awesome country songs. Shout out to my mom during
The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers. Than someone had the brilliant idea to play a CD Andy got at the radio station yesterday, so no more country. I was sad.

Our first hop off the bus landed me in a "Bog" Museum. What is a bog you may ask?! I think a pony. What the museum consisted of was fake houses with that time periods artifacts. Pretty cool. The pony's were adorable, and some of us were lucky enough to see them in...."love." Hmmmmmmm that was nice to see. Next to the museum was the Red Fox Inn which apparently had the best Irish Coffee in all Ireland. I did not have any. There's a good reason though...I was shopping : ) All of you should be prepared for some awesome pressy's.

The gloomy, rainy and foggy day led us to a bus tour! Perfect weather eh?! We visited the supposedly most beautiful place in Ireland known as the Ring of Kerry. All we saw was fog. Sounds disappointing but it was actually pretty funny. We always seem to make the best of every situation. Why not you’re in Ireland?!

Today was my day to cover one of our activities. The weather was awful but the demonstration was amazing. What demonstration may you ask?! Well a sheep dog demonstration. So cool! Keep your eyes peeled when our Ireland website finishes for the coverage. Shout out to my Aunt Annie (aka ajhein57) for her love of shelties. Thought of you the whole time! Finally I found a reason why Garnet’s barking was necessary.

A random part of today was when we were all told to hop off the bus, go into a pub and order a Guinness. The point of this turned out to be that we were than to go across the street and toast a Charlie Chaplin statue. It was cold and an interesting bus ride after the midday Guinness.

We stayed overnight in the Hotel International in Killarney. Killarney is a quaint and small town, filled with many boutiques, restaurants, and cobblestone roads. For dinner we ate at the “world famous” Danny Mann’s Restaurant. It was a great atmosphere. A live band called The Irish Weavers performed after dinner. So authentic! Great night. ☺

They also played Danny Boy, which really meant a lot to me.

Tomorrow is a free day in Killarney…who knows what kind of trouble I may be getting into ;)


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  1. Dear Michele Jo,
    Well, Every time I read another journal entry from you it is like I am watching you grow up before my eyes! I can not tell you how absolutely proud I am of you and your ability to take calculated risks. You are showing a real affinity to math…
    Well, I am working on my student final exam so I am under deadline…
    LOL, AA