Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Killarney Dreaming

I started the day sleepy. No morning dramas, just lack of sleep.

I didn't really get a good night sleep for many reasons
  1. We got in REALLY late last night. My card did not work so I had to take extra time out to visit the reception desk for a new one. Awful
  2. I was worried about filming for my web project
  3. I was worried that I would not meet up with my friends tomorrow and would not be able to go horseback riding with them.
See how bad stress is! Eventually like I knew it would everything worked out!

I woke up fairly early, saw Nicole and we worked out some details regarding our potential adventure to find a place that does horseback riding. Caiti and I did an interview with our tour guide Joe. It was a nice interview.

DOWNFALL about today: when Nicole called about going horseback riding the guide recommended only 4 of us go. We had a group of 7 wanting to go. :( So being the adults that we are some backed down and left us with a group of 4, consisting of Andy, Nicole, Bethany and myself.

We had a taxi come and pick us up at 1:00 p.m. for our 1:30 p.m. appointment at Muckross Stables. It was a cute house with many sheep in the front yard. The man (who I can't remember his name) set all of us up in riding gear. My horses name was Davey and he was a wild one. It was different to ride this horse, you have to ride it European instead of Western. I made the mistake of the telling the guide that I only rode a horse once before during a guiding tour just like this one. So because I said that my horse was leashed to his horse. GREAT! Ha, no it was fun and beautiful scenery. The hour long guide took us through Killarney National Park. The guide loved his horses and taught us a lot about how to ride them up and down the hills.

When we got back it was time for us to get together with an editor from the news publication The Kerryman. Due to the dim lighting and comfortable seating it became hard to hear him. What was awesome though was that after his lecture with us he let me interview him about my project. Nicole helped me out and even asked a great question!

I'm still skeptical about my web project. I have many good interviews but not enough b-roll I think. Only time will tell.

I got some more souvenir shopping done, you all better love me.

It was technically our last night to get to out because tomorrow night we need enough sleep for our long voyage home on Friday. So a bunch of us went out to a pub/nightclub. It was a great time. I am really going to miss everyone here.

I love Ireland.



  1. I can't believe how much you have done in such a short time! This really was a fantastic trip for you and I'm so glad you were fortunate enough to do it! I love you so much and I can't wait to chat about everything when I see you! MUAH!!

  2. Dear Michele Jo,
    RATS!! Jamie beat me to the comments…
    Killarney is such a famous Irish name! Yet, I never had any time to learn any more than that. Since it is a National Park, I have NO doubt that I want to learn more…especially from Y-O-U!!
    Good luck with the B-roll!
    I am SO SO looking forward to seeing you!!
    Annamae Jean