Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Day Dublin

The morning started out with a bang…literally. As me and Caiti were getting ready this morning, of course we were chatting and being silly, and all of a sudden we hear a pop and smoke is than coming out of the adapter. We were freaking out and screaming. To end this mini story we put the adapter on the balcony to cool down and no one has tried it since.

First thing on the agenda today was to attend a lecture at Dublin City University, and that was a bumpy ride to say the least. Our coach driver Vlad, who by the way rocks the best mullet in town, had troubles over the speed bumps that did not agree with most people’s stomachs. Once we arrived we were sent to a conference room to hear a lecture given by Dr. Roderick Flynn, aka Rody. It was so interesting to hear how media is handled over here. I honestly thought there would not be many differences but my mind was blown.

  • Interesting fact #1 – Papers are not delivered to your home
  • Interesting fact #2 – Playboy was legalized in 1998
  • Interesting fact #3 – Newspapers are on the web, but it is not as resourceful as it is in the States. Very hard to navigate around as well
  • Interesting fact #4- If you have a TV not only do you still need to buy cable but also a license for each TV that you have in your house. For one TV it is 150 euro’s yearly. If you get up to 3 it is 500 euro’s
  • Interesting fact #5 – The movie Natural Born Killers was banned in Ireland and caused many controversies when attempted to play on cable. A British network aired it on Irish TV and since the government could not do anything about a British network it was okay, and now the movie can be bought in stores and seen on the TV.

Overall the lecture today was extremely informative and we will be seeing Rody on Thursday to hear a lecture of the impact of Internet in the Irish media.

After a quick rest and relaxation we all headed on to a Green Bus tour. Kind of like a red double-decker you would see in London…but green…ironic? After seeing many historical places and hearing stories, some of us decided to stop off at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was so beautiful. There is something so relaxing and meditating when you step into an old Cathedral. After observing all the tombs and tributes to soldiers I went into a peaceful side of the church, where you had an opportunity for reflection. I lit a candle and kneeled there in prayer. St. Patrick’s Cathedral will definitely be a highlight of this trip.

Tonight we were soooo fortunate to get to see a LIVE taping of an Irish television show named, The Frontline. The Frontline is a show concerning the political affairs in Ireland. It offers people a chance to say their opinions and have debates with people in the political offices. The show is a very audience interactive show. What was even more awesome was that the 3 broadcasting students, Jeremy, Caiti, and myself had the chance to interview people in the audience before the taping. We asked them questions about the show, their standpoints, and how it directly affects those in Ireland.

Before the show began they showed 3 short documentaries concerning tonight’s topic of economy, housing, and smart jobs. When the show went LIVE it got intense, very fast. Well maybe it was just the cute Irish boys sitting next me that got my heart beating. : ) On a production note many things are the same during a broadcast in Ireland as it is in the United States. Some differences:

  • - no in studio clock – the host only got a 3 minute warning before he needed to break
  • - only 2 commercial breaks in an hour long show
  • - the boom was in the shot the entire time!

I love seeing TV productions.

Busy day tomorrow…I’ll leave you 3 readers in suspense



  1. * Your day sounds exciting!! Is that Guinness dark, regular, ale or latte' ?

    * Will you be bringing home any autographs?

    *I suppose you folks will be having a serious conversation about American v World definitions of personal freedom!!

    *I hope you have some pictures to bring home that I can see.

    *I would NOT dare put that converter back into the wall!!

    *I have my new refrigerator now...It is a lot bigger than I had before. I didn't hook up the water hose yet.
    LOL, AA

  2. I'm a reader!

    "cute Irish boys sitting next me that got my heart beating"

    ... I didn't know Josh was Irish and went with you?!

    HAHAHHA <3 miss you