Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Dayz

Well another morning episode happened...this time it turned bloody. This morning we were supposed to be up and ready in the lobby by 8:00am, unfortunately no ones alarm went off and we awoke at 7:45. We were rushing around and in that time Caiti got a bloody nose and we only had one sheet of toilet paper. It was a crazy crazy morning, but we made it to our lecture with Gerry Davis.

Gerry was the Chief Executive for the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. His lecture was very informative regarding the set up and use of public relations in Ireland. One thing that was very surprising was that there are only public relation firms in Dublin. The whole rest of the country doesn't really need it because it's all countryside. Weird.

After our nice visit with Gerry we headed over to Ogilvy & Mather, which is an advertising agency in Dublin. As soon as I walked in the door you could tell the mood and style of the agency. There were colors, high ceilings, groovy furniture, and flowers everywhere. Loved it! We spoke with Jo, a young woman who worked there. She showed us their reel and it was 11 minutes long. I was shocked. A standard reel time is under 6 minutes. 11 minutes to sit and watch is a long time. I've noticed that here things go slower and nothing is as rushed as it is in America. I kinda like it.

Today it rained...a lot, but we got some down time and we toured around. I went to the Irish version of target and bought a very cute dress with black bows on it. :) The night ended at a pub near our apartment called O'Sheas. A live band played and let us sing! They were so nice!! The last song everyone got up to do a traditional dance. It was a blast.


I love hearing about public relations and advertising, it is such an interesting field of work.

I mingled with locals and learned how to dance...which I will teach you all.

Oh and I sat on my sunglasses today too.



  1. Wow! Averting an electric fire, failure to respond to an alarm....rather, failure to set the alarm and then respond to an alarm, getting bloody...isn't that what you are supposed to do in England??

    Okay, so you are the stooges behind the scene, but WOW! what a professional image you can project in front of those whose references you will depend!!!

    Micky, I am so enjoying your writing. You are doing really well developing your creativity. I am now looking forward to getting home to see your latest journal entry!!!

    LOL, AA

  2. This is my favorite day so far :) Don't forget to bring home cute dresses for your sisters!