Thursday, May 13, 2010

Way To Go Dan the Man

Today = Amazing

Let me just start off by saying thank you to Jan Getz for all of her work and determination to get us into the U.S. Embassy and meet Ambassador Rooney. Thank you Jan! I am so appreciative for all of these experiences you and the other teachers have been giving us. In the past four days I know all of us students have had a chance to make memories that we will never forget and it is because of you guys. Thanks!

Now on to the details of the day…

Surprise! No morning dramas!!!

A little background information first:

During this past semester, in one of our first classes, we had a phone interview with an Irish Times reporter named Rosita Boland. We were able to have a few questions answered but the connection was so bad that unfortunately we had to hang up. Arrangements were made for us to meet up with her once we arrived in Ireland.

…And today was the day!! We all traveled down the street to a sweet little café, where we met Rosita Boland. While sipping coffee or tea and biting into scrumptious crumpets Rosita answered some questions that we had. One thing that greatly surprised me was when she advised not to work for free. It just made me think of my last internship and I did it for no credit or money, just experience. Boggles me why she said that. A lot of the answers that she gave I couldn’t hear because the café was being used by everyone and was loud. One thing she mentioned during her phone interview and in person is that one thing a journalist should always possess is curiosity. I think that this message is so meaningful. I had never thought of it in that light, and now I can’t stop. I really like it…curiosity.


Well only for a couple of hours. We went to the U.S. Embassy and had to go through a couple of security measures to make sure we were okay to go inside. Once inside we met a woman named Margo who worked with Jan to make this opportunity possible. It was fun to see pictures of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hilary Clinton lining the walls that led us into the Embassy. We were seated in an open circular room that held both the American and Irish flags. Karen Mullen, the Director of Public Affairs and John Murphy, the Press Assistant spoke with us for a little because Ambassador Rooney got an unexpected phone call from Irish President Mary McAleese. Karen and John talked about their daily jobs as well as what has been going on with Ambassador Rooney lately. He was just in Belfast yesterday at an energy conference. He really believes in renewable energy and is helping Ireland in becoming one of the leaders in this global growth.

When Ambassador Rooney entered we all stood and I’m pretty sure everyone in the room had a smile on their face. The first thing he said when he came in was, “You all look like Pittsburghers,” and later on he looked at all of us and said, “Seeing you all here makes me feel at home.” What a sweet man! He also gave Maggie and Jan pins. When we got together for a picture Caiti was right next to him and he told her she was lovely. How adorable! Very charming man. Although our time with him was cut a tad short, to even have his attention for that time was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When he left, a couple others and me were in charge of presenting him with gifts for him and his wife. I was the first one up so I had to talk. Man did I mumble. Wow, I was so nervous, but I said what I needed to and hopefully he understood! He was very appreciative.


John Murphy stayed and talked with us for a bit about his past and current job. He graduated from DCU (Dublin City University) and his first job was working with a radio station. He moved to the Embassy and worked there for a little while but than left to go back into radio. After flip flopping between the Embassy and radio he decided to go back to the Embassy but said only for 5 years, he doesn’t want to be there forever. What surprised me the most is that he is only 23 years old and works for the Ambassador. Crazy! 23 years old. Man I feel like I need to get a move on. John’s job consists of him taking pictures, maintaining the website, and working as a press mediator. He spoke with us for a while discussing any questions that we had. Great man. Great Job.


We met up Vlad outside the Embassy to head over to DCU for a lecture. I decided that DCU is my least favorite trip. So many speed bumps and Vlad has trouble going over them. If you want to be carsick…go to DCU. We got there with a couple hours to spare, so we all headed to their cafeteria and got some food. Afterwards a small group of us went to travel around the campus. It was a very nice place. A lot of courtyards and green space on their campus…unlike our urban campus.

*To explain that picture on the top: We saw ivy growing on a wall and thought it looked like the United States, so we wanted to take a picture by it. Photo shoot! We than formed our girl band, name to be announced later.

When it turned time for us to go to the lecture we walked into a student building and into a nice conference room. The topic of today’s lecture was Irish TV Drama a Society and its Stories. So basically it was all about soaps and how controversial they were. It was surprisingly a very interesting lecture. I never realized, even in America, how soaps have made an impact on our society.

Let me reiterate….



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  1. Micky- my Sweetie Pie,
    Your day must have been fantastic! You found a Maggie and a Rooney in Ireland! I never was in an embassy nor ever met an ambassador. Wow!! I also hope the reporter will give you copies of her article. Will she be writing about you or were you just interviewing her?

    I had trouble sleeping last night so this has to be a little short.

    So I am sure you heard all about my double faux pas from our Big Three (Mom, Uncle Norm and myself) dinner at the (what was previously called) Farmington Grill. It is now the Asia Cuisine Restaurant. It has been named one of the top one hundred Chinese Restaurants in the U.S. It WAS very good and we had LOTS of fun!

    Here are some ideas for the name of your girl band...
    "The Voluptuous Volcanic Voices"
    "The Dublin Daytimers"
    "Mick and Cait Plus Five" (hours ahead)
    "The 2010 Guinness Girls"
    "The Wii Bit O'Ireland All Girl Band"
    "Daily Drama in Dublin"
    "The Pitt Stops in Ireland"

    Okay, no doubt you are Dublin your Aunt Annie eye rolls and sighing with patience.

    Don't forget my present!
    Lots of Love & Kisses, AA